The Start Today Podcast is about taking responsibility over your life & making the conscious decision to raise your standards. Chris Cavallini takes you on a journey of personal development, mental toughness & self mastery by teaching the mindset & practical action steps required to reach the next level.


Q&A : How to Have an Uncomfortable Convo w/ the Boss, Growing Apart From People, Building Mental Toughness & more!

In episode 11, Chris answers some questions from our listeners ranging from what to do when there’s tension between you and your boss, how to recognize when you’ve outgrown old friends, hacks to speed up the personal development process, tips on building mental toughness, how to get yourself up and moving when you’re tired and much more! This episode is exploding with practical action steps of extreme value. You’re not going to want to miss out!

From Rock Bottom to World Champion

In Episode 10 Chris sits down with his friend WWE Superstar and entrepreneur Raj Dhesi, aka Jinder Mahal. They discuss Raj’s incredible & inspiring journey, the adversity he faced and how he went from being unemployed, depressed, out of shape and a full blown alcoholic on the verge of giving up on his lifelong dream of being a professional wrestler

Sacrifice: The Prequel to Success

Living a top 5% life isn’t easy. It requires a lot of work, discipline, dedication and something most fail to factor in; sacrifice. Success of any kind requires sacrifice, as your goals, dreams and targets will not just magically materialize in your life. If sufficient levels of sacrifice are not made, the sustainability of the massive action required to successfully reach your desired outcome will not be possible. After all, how can we responsibly expect change

How to Win Everyday

Having a productive, successful day is not something that just happens by accident, it’s an organic byproduct of structure, simple process and practical actions that literally ANYONE can apply in their life. In episode 7, Chris, Rick and Matt go over a step by step breakdown on how to be the most efficient, disciplined, productive version of you, so that you’re able to win the day, EVERY F’n DAY!

Their Doubt Should Drive You

Doubt, criticism, negativity and lack of support are all part of the journey. So many people fail to recognize this fact and allow it to impact them unfavorably when confronted with it, failing to recognize the value and opportunity present. The doubt and negative criticism others project on to those who are making moves

Overcoming Adversity Like a Boss

Adversity is essential for growth & necessary for optimal human development. Sadly, most will run away or shut down at the first indication of discomfort, often letting the adversity & pressure from a single area of life, contaminate every other area, putting their lives in an out of control tail spin! Like it or not, we will all face adversity! How you face it matters! The reason the average person will remain an “average” person, is because they have not experienced …

Excuses Destroy Your Life

Excuses hold us back from reaching our full potential, are self sabotaging, make others lose respect for us and us to lose respect for ourselves. When we make excuses for our failures, mistakes or as a reason to justify why we aren’t where we want to be, we hard wire our minds to actually start accepting these fabricated truths as reality, placing severe limitations on our ability to grow.

The Link Between Fitness and Success

Close your eyes. Visualize someone, whether it’s a real person or someone you make up in your mind that you believe epitomizes the word “success”. Open them back up. We could have millions of people do this exercise, ask them who they thought of and although the answers would differ significantly,

What Most People Never Figure Out

Do you feel stuck? Having a hard time figuring out how to move forward? It’s time to audit your circle! The people in your life influence the way you think, feel and act, whether you’re aware of it or not. Setting yourself up to win in life begins with being mindful of who and what you let around you. At day’s end, the people in your life are either raising your standards or lowering them. There is absolutely no middle ground.

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