The Start Today Podcast is about taking responsibility over your life & making the conscious decision to raise your standards. Chris Cavallini takes you on a journey of personal development, mental toughness & self mastery by teaching the mindset & practical action steps required to reach the next level.


Success Starts With Your Physical Appearance

Like it or not, you are judged every day by how you look, dress and carry yourself.
Everyone who wants to crush it in life needs to put personal feelings aside and understand the relationship between our personal, physical appearance, and how it directly impacts success.
The way we look plays a significant role in our confidence, self esteem and self image, which influences the way we present ourselves to the outside world. It’s also the way we speak to the world about where our priorities lay without uttering a single word.
Here’s the truth, we all make judgments about each other based on our personal appearance, so it is important to think about what kind of image we want to project to the world.
Looking the part of success and maintaining a clean, healthy, neat appearance is one of the first steps towards feeling, and becoming successful. It’s also a very easy thing to do that produces an immediate impact!
In episode 28, Chris discusses the importance of prioritizing our appearance and how it not only shapes the way others view us, but more importantly, how we view ourselves!

The Art of Mental Toughness

People in today’s society have gotten soft. Everything is at our fingertips. In some cases we don’t have to lift a finger and our wish is our command.
What’s worse is our culture has trained us to take the easy way out. The fact of the matter is, we won’t see the change we want until we begin to better our mental toughness.
We all need to up our game when it comes to mental toughness. In this episode, we hit hard discussing why we should care about mental toughness and how to take our mental toughness to the next level.

Overcoming Adversity: The #1 Key To Success

Adversity is defined as difficulties and misfortune. Everyone can think of a time where you have gone through adversities.
It is easy to look for the easy way out of adversity. When life begins to push back, the knee jerk reaction for all of us is to find the fastest way to make the adversity go away. The truth is that we have to do the opposite! We must embrace adversity!
The adversity we face today is not to stop us. The adversity we face today is there to test us. To make sure we are ready for what is to come next.
In this episode we have a very special treat. Chris dives into a story you have never heard before. Today, Chris takes us back to the beginning and explains how the success he has today is because of the adversities he faced in his past.


You have to have standards to raise your quality of life. Standards are important in work, in fitness, and at home.
Many of us may have high standards we want to hold ourselves to but we let those standards go at the first sign of difficulty. Standards are always there regardless of what happens in life. Unfortunately, when we stray from our standards we are straying from the person we want to become.
Join us as Chris gets straight to the point and challenges each of us on the topic of the standards we hold for ourselves.

Q&A: Creating a Night Routine for Success, Keeping Positive Around Stress and Negativity, How to Overcome Depression, and More!

This episode is brought to us by you! We are diving into your questions! We will tackle how to deal with stress and negative people. We will reveal to you how to have a nightly routine that sets you up for success. Also, we will be diving into what you can do when you begin to feel depressed.
We are excited to get these practical actions out to all of you! Join us, as we take on your questions!

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Finding your purpose and passion in life is something on everyone’s mind. Everyone asks the question, what do they want to do in life.
A lot of people feel they should already have a path to go down coming out of high school. Some are even attending college but still don’t know their future plans. Many people apply for every job with no rhyme or reason. You get stuck doing something you have to do and not something you want to do. Studies today indicate that 80% percent of people are unhappy at their job. Worst of all, many people are doing nothing to pursue what they WANT to do.
It is time to stop settling. Join us, in this episode, as Chris and Rick dive into how you can stop settling in life and pursue what you want to do!
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How to Fall in Love With the Process

What separates the people who are consistently achieving their goals, moving forward and getting results from those who don’t, is their commitment to the process, NOT the end result.

While the end result is important, success is NOT some kind of “event” with a finish line, expiration date or ceiling – and it’s not something that can just be achieved or completed one day.

It’s easy to get motivated or pumped up when thinking about the actual goal or outcome you’re after!

The same can’t be said about the daily practices and discipline that needs to be in play, firing at optimal levels to ultimately experience the result you’re after.

In this short insightful episode, Chris shares with you some powerful mind hacks that he used to reprogram his brain to learn to love all the daily rituals that he used to hate, that allowed him to go from being a depressed insecure drug dealer with no purpose or future;

To a multi time Forbes featured entrepreneur, thought leader in the personal development space and millionaire! They helped him experience life changing results and they’ll do the same for you as well!

The Most VALUABLE Skill On the Planet

The single most valuable LIFE skill we can develop is the art of COMMUNICATION.

Simply put, good communication is essential to a successful life, personally and professionally.

It also plays a huge roll, in separating the greats from the average…

In a 2016 study conducted by Linked in, communication topped the list of the most sought-after skills amongst employers!

Being great at communication can help you land that first job ahead of other more highly qualified candidates, get promoted faster, solve problems more effectively, step into a leadership role and overall expedite career advancement.

In episode 21, Chris and Rick dive deep into the impact communication has on our lives and provide a blueprint on how to become a better communicator in all aspects of life!

Stop Thinking Hard is Bad

Do you believe it’s possible to live a positive life if 80% of the thoughts you have every day are negative?

Research has shown that of the up to 60,000 thoughts human beings have everyday, 80% of them are negative and 95% are repetitive – meaning are the exact same as the day, weeks or years before!

It’s not possible to have a positive life if 80% of what goes on in your head everyday is negative.

But what if there was a glitch in the human neural network that over the course of time has evolved, manifested and became more ingrained in the human mind, that causes the average person to WRONGFULLY believe that hard is bad?

What if there was a way to fix this issue to where your brain learned to embrace, seek out and feel grateful toward all the things that currently scare the sh*t out of you because they’re hard as hell and push your limitations!?

In Episode 20, Chris takes a “break” from his vacation in the Bahamas to share with you some of the most important information you will ever hear! He couldn’t wait to record and release this and when you listen you’ll understand why!

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The Truth About Mentors

The importance of, truth about and what exactly a mentor is, or more importantly is not, is something that is extremely misunderstood in today’s society.

The world has and will continue to change so fast; but the importance of having mentors still remains critical and something everyone who’s looking to move their lives forward will mandatorily require to successfully facilitate that objective.


A lot of people go through life chasing a dream of some kind, but in the back of their mind feel as if they’re at a disadvantage because they “feel” they don’t have a mentor telling them right from wrong, or don’t know how to go about finding one.

The truth will come as a huge surprise for most of you…

In this short, but highly enlightening episode, Chris shares the shocking truth about mentors and the one thing that YOU can do right now to set yourself up to not only have one good mentor, but how to strategically have all of the best mentors in every area of life that you want to dominate in!

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