Q&A : Thoughts on Cannabis, Becoming More Efficient, & MORE

Show Notes

0:00:00 – Intro

0:12:00 – Chris’ Thoughts on Cannabis

0:25:15 – Learning to Work Fast & Operate at Maximum Efficiency

0:41:13 – A Look at Chris’ Diet

1:03:41 – How to Tell if Personal Development is Working

1:17:50 – How Much Fun Does Chris Have Every Week?

1:32:08 – Closing & Gratitude

Back by popular demand, we decided to go to the Q&A format and take questions straight from YOU, our awesome fans!

In episode 59, Chris covers a field of topics ranging from his perspective on cannabis use, how to become more efficient in your life, what his diet looks like, how much fun he has every week and more! This episode is packed out with fresh content that will benefit everyone!

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