What Does It Mean When A Bearded Dragon Opens Its Mouth?

If you’re a bearded dragon enthusiast, you’ve likely spent hours marvelling at the unique behaviours of these intriguing creatures. One behaviour that often puzzles owners is their tendency to sit with their mouths open. But what does it mean when a bearded dragon opens its mouth? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of bearded dragon communication to find out.

Why Bearded Dragons Open Their Mouths

Bearded dragons open their mouths for various reasons, often as a form of communication or physiological need. They might be regulating their body temperature, expressing fear, or showing dominance. However, it’s essential to interpret this behavior in context with other signs to fully understand what your pet is trying to communicate.

Do Bearded Dragons Open Their Mouths When They Are Hungry?

The answer is no. Bearded dragons typically don’t open their mouths to signal hunger. Instead, they are more likely to exhibit behaviors such as glass surfing (scratching at the glass of their enclosure), increased activity, or even biting. They might also show an enhanced interest in you, especially if they associate you with feeding time.

Interpreting Closed Eyes and an Open Mouth in Bearded Dragons

Observing a bearded dragon with its eyes closed and mouth open can be concerning. This behaviour is usually a sign of distress or discomfort. Your pet could be too hot, feeling unwell, or suffering from a respiratory infection. It’s crucial to consult with a vet if you notice this behaviour frequently, especially if it’s accompanied by other signs of illness.

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How to Tell If Your Bearded Dragon is Happy

Knowing whether your bearded dragon is content can be a bit tricky as they can’t express their emotions like mammals. However, certain behaviors suggest a happy and healthy bearded dragon:

  • Active and alert demeanor
  • Healthy appetite
  • Regular, healthy-looking bowel movements
  • Bright, clear eyes
  • Basking in the heat spot
  • Displaying natural curiosity

Remember, an open mouth doesn’t necessarily indicate happiness. But if your bearded dragon exhibits the behaviors listed above and occasionally basks with an open mouth, they’re likely content and thermoregulating.

Helpful Tips 

  • Maintain the Ideal Temperature: Bearded dragons open their mouths to cool down when it’s too hot. Ensure your dragon’s enclosure has a proper heat gradient, allowing it to self-regulate its temperature.
  • Observe Eating Habits: Keep an eye on their eating habits. If your dragon opens its mouth frequently during or after meals, it may have trouble swallowing, indicating a potential health issue.
  • Check for Respiratory Issues: Labored breathing, wheezing sounds, or discharge from the nose or mouth combined with an open mouth can indicate a respiratory infection. Consult with a vet immediately if you notice these symptoms.
  • Reduce Stress: A stressed bearded dragon may show defensive behavior, including opening its mouth wide as a threat display. If your pet is new, give it time to adjust to its surroundings. If it’s an established pet, try to identify any changes in the environment causing stress, such as a new pet, sudden loud noises, or changes in the enclosure.
  • Regular Health Check-ups: Regular visits to the vet can help catch potential issues early. If your bearded dragon frequently opens its mouth for no apparent reason, it’s a good idea to get it checked out.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure that your bearded dragon’s open mouth is normal and not a sign of an underlying health issue.


Understanding the various reasons why bearded dragons open their mouths can help you ensure your pet’s health and happiness. Always remember that every bearded dragon is unique, and what’s normal for one might not be for another. Regular observation and familiarity with your pet’s behaviors will go a long way in maintaining their wellbeing. Remember, when in doubt, always consult with a professional.

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