Q&A :Thoughts on U.S. Leadership, How to Crush Your Day, Raising the Bar for Law Enforcement, Deciding on Your Goals and more…

With so much going on right now we wanted to give back to our audience with a Q&A episode where we answer questions straight from YOU!

In episode 53, Chris and Rick answer questions about everything from Chris’ thoughts on our country’s leadership, what he believes needs to happen to end police brutality, improve community/law enforcement relations, lower crime in general, to reprogramming your mind to being ok with taking risks, and more!

DMT, Science and Discomfort, Why Doing What’s Hard is Always the Right Choice and More! With Dr. Saman Soleymani

We as humans are organically bent towards negativity and comfort. Of the tens of thousands of thoughts we have every day, 80% are negative. These thoughts pull down your life and affect you in more ways than we realize. Hence the importance of controlled focus and elevated levels of consciousness!

It isn’t until we decide to pursue the hard way and choose the path of discomfort that we can begin to develop our true potential and tap into our primitive instincts. Science has shows us that discomfort actually helps us get healthier and stronger, both physically and mentally!

In part two of this power packed interview with Dr. Saman Soleymani, him and Chris discuss scientific studies on topics like DMT, the proven health benefits of discomfort, heat shock proteins and some inspiring stories from their long history; including how Dr. Saman once talked Chris out of shutting down Nutrition Solutions and walking away from it for good!

So much gold in this one!

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The “TRUTH” About COVID-19 That They Don’t Want You to Know! With Dr. Saman Soleymani

Covid-19 has affected our world in ways nobody could have expected.

Every day more conflicting, erroneous news is being spread and with some states returning to a sense of normalcy while others are still on strict lockdown, how are we supposed to know what’s really going on?

More and more people are dying from the Corona Virus- or so they say…

The media has painted a grim picture that is affecting us negatively all as a society and it’s time the the truth is finally told!

Chris brings us a special treat in part one of this 2 part interview with his great friend Dr. Saman Soleymani. Dr. Saman is a medical physician, entrepreneur, medical director for Nutrition Solutions and community leader. In this episode he shares his extensive knowledge, insight and shines a bright light on exactly why the media continues to report false information about the COVID-19 death count & how we move forward from here!

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The Pandemic We Should Really Be Worrying About!

Right now there’s another pandemic going on. It’s hidden in plain sight and this year alone will have a body count at least 300% greater than the Corona Virus.

We have taken great precautions in an attempt keep people safe from COVID-19 , but we have taken hardly any action to keep people safe from themselves

This pandemic has become so common and accepted in our society, that you would never even know it’s there. But it is…

And it’s killing more people every single year!

The worst part? The diseases and sickness brought on by the pandemic in question can actually be entirely avoided if we take the proper course of action.

In episode 50, Chris discusses the ability to think for ourselves, the pandemic going on that is way more concerning and deadly then COVID-19 and takes you on a short journey where you’ll observe the responsibilities of your life from an entirely different view point.

This episode will hit hard and although it may be inconvenient being confronted with the harsh truth, it’s only through the truth will we be set free.

No More

The majority of the world doesn’t truly take their success seriously but believe they do.

Overall laziness, excuses, complacency, toxic relationships, failure to accept responsibility and the lies we tell ourselves are among the many hazards that can threaten our success and destroy our chances of living up to our full potential.

When things get hard, we must never quit.

When we succeed, we must not become complacent.

When we lose, we must not cower and become timid.

If we want to succeed, we must apply the most amount of pressure at all times to everything we seek to conquer; including the weaker sh*ttier version of ourselves that needs to be destroyed forever.
In this episode, Chris calls us to action!

Be prepared for a fire to be ignited under your ass and within your soul! This episode serves as a “not so gentle” reminder to the world that the process of achieving greatness and living our best lives is NOT something that is done on a part time basis. It is something that needs to consume you and become part of who you are.

This episode is short, but hard hitting, to the point and will serve as a huge wake up call! Check it out now!

What If…

Is it possible that the pandemic in society and all the hardship that’s materialized as a result, isn’t actually what it seems to be?

No, we’re not talking about conspiracy theories or secret political agendas; but what if this “adjustment period” has deliberately been imposed on our world by a higher power in order to teach important, critical, life changing lessons that we will never forget?

What if the universe was fed up with watching our unappreciative, over entitled, unaware, weakened society self destruct and collapse on itself – and decided it was time to intervene?

What if this was all part of a bigger plan that no mortal would be able to intelligently identify or comprehend as it was happening, to force us to evolve, adapt and permanently change for the better?

What if the Corona Virus and all its collateral damage wasn’t actually happening to us, but actually happening for us?

Prepare to have your mind blown as Chris bitch slaps you across the face with a massive dose of perspective that very well may change your view on the current events happening in society!

Q&A : Staying Mentally Healthy During a Pandemic, How to Stay in Shape When Quarantined, Handling Toxic Relationships & MORE

With so many of us having more free time on our hands than normal, we wanted to go to the Q&A format and take questions straight from our audience!

In episode 47, Chris answers questions about the best ways to stick to a diet and exercise routine during quarantine, how he is staying positive, mentally healthy and keeping his team’s mindset in a good place during this transitional period, how to deal with a toxic relationship that you feel there is no escaping, as well as identifying the difference between being undervalued/under appreciated in the work place, or simply not pulling your weight in a capacity that warrants recognition!

This episode is full of gold that will benefit so many with everything that’s going on in society with COVID-19 with a couple of fun personal stories thrown in the mix!

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Real Talk: A Leaders Perspective on the CoronaVirus

Lately, everywhere you turn all you hear about COVID-19, the Corona Virus and how it’s affecting our culture. Some have decided to lose their minds, panic and prepare for the apocalypse, while others feel the world is overreacting.

With a government travel ban on domestic flights, sports leagues, amusement parks and schools closing their doors, drastic measures are being taken to mitigate risk at all costs.

But how can we contribute at our level to help ourselves, family, friends and loved ones get through this uncertain situation in the safest, most vigilant, productive manner possible?

On this special episode of the Start Today Podcast, Chris shares his perspective on what he believes we must do to effectively lead ourselves and the people around us through these adverse times.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect: Why Incompetent People Think They’re Amazing

So many people don’t understand why they aren’t where they want to be. Yet others all around them are moving forward, getting pay raises, new opportunity, receiving recognition etc.

It’s not until we realize how little we actually know are we able to position ourselves for growth.

In this episode Chris breaks down the Dunning–Kruger effect, a cognitive bias in psychology which proves people assess their cognitive ability as being far greater than it is. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability, hence impairing their ability to evolve.

One of the most fascinating episodes to date, you’ll learn how critical humility, having the proper mindset and utilizing the feedback that’s all around us truly is as it relates to the forward progress in our lives!

What it Really Means to Have High Standards

We all have standards for everything we do. The question is not if you have standards. The question is how high are your standards?

Standards are defined as a level of quality or attainment.

If our standards are low then our low level of quality affects every area of our life. In contrast, if our standards are high, it affects everything and everyone around us!

In this episode, Chris and Rick dive into what it means to have high standards what are the characteristics of someone who has high standards and how to raise your standards in your own life! You will want to hear this episode multiple times. Make sure to put this episode on repeat.