The Start Today Podcast is about taking responsibility over your life & making the conscious decision to raise your standards. Chris Cavallini takes you on a journey of personal development, mental toughness & self mastery by teaching the mindset & practical action steps required to reach the next level.


What Separates Professionals From Amateurs

In today’s episode, Chris changes things up and reads a short fictional story that he wrote which allows you to take a look from the outside in and experience the path to creating endless new opportunities to advance your career, get fat raises, earn bonuses and how claiming your spot in the winners circle!

The story is short and impactful! Its unique narrative highlights the key points, behaviors and practical action steps that separate the professional from the amateur.

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Hells Angel to Heavens Angel: the Inspiring Story of Former Hells Angel President Mel Chancey

In Episode 57, Chris sits down with his great friend, former president of the Hells Angels, Mel Chancey.

They discuss Mel’s incredible, inspiring journey from being one of the most feared, ruthless, violent criminals and boss of the notorious motorcycle club, the Hells Angels; to transforming his life, dedicating it to serving others and starting numerous successful ventures that have made Mel one of the most respected, influential, well liked public figures in the fitness industry today!

Mel shares gory details about the life of a 1%’r, the lifestyle he lived, adversity he faced and discusses being on the front lines of the infamous 6 year territory war between the Hells Angels and the Outlaws, which was one of the most deadly gang wars of our time.
You’ll definitely want to listen to this more than once, as it will be one of the most impactful, motivational, epic stories of redemption you’ll ever hear!

What My 2 Sisters With Down Syndrome Taught Me

In episode 56, Chris shares a very personal story from his childhood. During a time where he had just experienced significant trauma, he was taken into a foster home where he was introduced to his 2 new older foster sisters, biological teenage sisters, both who had Down Syndrome.

Coming from a broken home at a very young age they welcomed a scared, confused, psychologically damaged little boy into their home with open arms and open hearts…

In episode 56,for the first time ever, Chris publicly discusses the incredible life lesson he learned from his 2 foster sisters with Down Syndrome.

Q&A: How To  Crush Insecurities, Forgiving the Unforgivable, Dropping Quarantine Fat, Finding Motivation When Life’s Got You Down and More!

This episode is dedicated to you, our loyal listeners! We are diving deep and answering YOUR questions!

How To Crush Your Insecurities, How to Let Go of the Past and Forgive the Unforgivable, Bouncing Back From Failure, How to Drop Quarantine Weight Gain, Finding Motivation When Life’s Got You Down and More!

This might be our strongest Q&A episode yet! Join us as answer YOUR questions and if you find this information valuable, share it with some friends!

How to Stay Sane When It Feels Like the World Has Gone Crazy

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health right now.

Many of us are having extraordinary emotions in response to extraordinary times and circumstances.

People are attempting to do their best to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, keep up with government shutdowns/sanctions, make sense of the protests, rioting , democrats vs republicans and all the other BS being jammed down society’s throat right now.

Americans feel unsafe , uncertain and have been led to believe we are destroying ourselves from within. These feelings lead to anxiety, depression and anger, which add fuel to fires that are already burning out of control.

So with so much seemingly out of our own control, what can we do to play our part to move ourselves forward as a nation?

In episode 54 Chris gives you a hard hitting wake up call on the valuable opportunities we’re neglecting as individuals every single day, which will unequivocally change culture, society and the world.

Selfless, random acts of kindness.

The information you’ll hear in this episode will change the world when applied!

Don’t miss out!

Q&A :Thoughts on U.S. Leadership, How to Crush Your Day, Raising the Bar for Law Enforcement, Deciding on Your Goals and more…

With so much going on right now we wanted to give back to our audience with a Q&A episode where we answer questions straight from YOU!

In episode 53, Chris and Rick answer questions about everything from Chris’ thoughts on our country’s leadership, what he believes needs to happen to end police brutality, improve community/law enforcement relations, lower crime in general, to reprogramming your mind to being ok with taking risks, and more!

DMT, Science and Discomfort, Why Doing What’s Hard is Always the Right Choice and More! With Dr. Saman Soleymani

We as humans are organically bent towards negativity and comfort. Of the tens of thousands of thoughts we have every day, 80% are negative. These thoughts pull down your life and affect you in more ways than we realize. Hence the importance of controlled focus and elevated levels of consciousness!

It isn’t until we decide to pursue the hard way and choose the path of discomfort that we can begin to develop our true potential and tap into our primitive instincts. Science has shows us that discomfort actually helps us get healthier and stronger, both physically and mentally!

In part two of this power packed interview with Dr. Saman Soleymani, him and Chris discuss scientific studies on topics like DMT, the proven health benefits of discomfort, heat shock proteins and some inspiring stories from their long history; including how Dr. Saman once talked Chris out of shutting down Nutrition Solutions and walking away from it for good!

So much gold in this one!

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The “TRUTH” About COVID-19 That They Don’t Want You to Know! With Dr. Saman Soleymani

Covid-19 has affected our world in ways nobody could have expected.

Every day more conflicting, erroneous news is being spread and with some states returning to a sense of normalcy while others are still on strict lockdown, how are we supposed to know what’s really going on?

More and more people are dying from the Corona Virus- or so they say…

The media has painted a grim picture that is affecting us negatively all as a society and it’s time the the truth is finally told!

Chris brings us a special treat in part one of this 2 part interview with his great friend Dr. Saman Soleymani. Dr. Saman is a medical physician, entrepreneur, medical director for Nutrition Solutions and community leader. In this episode he shares his extensive knowledge, insight and shines a bright light on exactly why the media continues to report false information about the COVID-19 death count & how we move forward from here!

Please share this episode! This is a must listen for all.

The Pandemic We Should Really Be Worrying About!

Right now there’s another pandemic going on. It’s hidden in plain sight and this year alone will have a body count at least 300% greater than the Corona Virus.

We have taken great precautions in an attempt keep people safe from COVID-19 , but we have taken hardly any action to keep people safe from themselves

This pandemic has become so common and accepted in our society, that you would never even know it’s there. But it is…

And it’s killing more people every single year!

The worst part? The diseases and sickness brought on by the pandemic in question can actually be entirely avoided if we take the proper course of action.

In episode 50, Chris discusses the ability to think for ourselves, the pandemic going on that is way more concerning and deadly then COVID-19 and takes you on a short journey where you’ll observe the responsibilities of your life from an entirely different view point.

This episode will hit hard and although it may be inconvenient being confronted with the harsh truth, it’s only through the truth will we be set free.

No More

The majority of the world doesn’t truly take their success seriously but believe they do.

Overall laziness, excuses, complacency, toxic relationships, failure to accept responsibility and the lies we tell ourselves are among the many hazards that can threaten our success and destroy our chances of living up to our full potential.

When things get hard, we must never quit.

When we succeed, we must not become complacent.

When we lose, we must not cower and become timid.

If we want to succeed, we must apply the most amount of pressure at all times to everything we seek to conquer; including the weaker sh*ttier version of ourselves that needs to be destroyed forever.
In this episode, Chris calls us to action!

Be prepared for a fire to be ignited under your ass and within your soul! This episode serves as a “not so gentle” reminder to the world that the process of achieving greatness and living our best lives is NOT something that is done on a part time basis. It is something that needs to consume you and become part of who you are.

This episode is short, but hard hitting, to the point and will serve as a huge wake up call! Check it out now!

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