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Q&A : Prioritizing Priorities, Handling Your Temper, Ayahuasca Horror Stories & MORE!

In episode 39, we go to the Q&A format and take questions straight from our listeners!

Chris covers topics such as the benefits of 24 hour fasts, how to prioritize your daily and weekly goals, the parts of Ayahuasca journeys people won’t talk about, as well as the worst time he ever lost his temper with an employee and ended up getting sued because of it!

This episode is packed with practical action steps of extreme value with a couple of fun personal stories thrown in the mix!

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How Not to ‘F’ Up Your New Year’s Resolution in 2020

95% of people who commit to a resolution will fail or give up by January 15th!

So what is it that separates all of those who don’t follow through from the 5% who will?

In the first episode of 2020, Chris reveals the psychology behind New Years Resolutions, why the overwhelming majority end up falling way short and how to set your resolution up for guaranteed success!

He also shares a very unique opportunity for our listeners to get in the best shape of their life…

AND make $10,000 to do so!

Start your new year off with a bang and check it out!

Chris’ Spiritual Awakening

In episode 37, Chris goes into vivid detail about his recent experience with the hallucinogenic, plant based medicine Ayahuasca in Costa Rica. He opens up about what led him to experiment with Ayahuasca, as well as the valuable life altering events and lessons he experienced on his journey.

You’ll hear a very vulnerable, enlightened, awakened version of Chris, as he gives a behind the scenes account of what exactly happens during these spiritual ceremonies which are designed to heal, awaken and tap into our higher levels of consciousness in order to optimize human potential from a personal, professional, mental, emotional, psychological & spiritual standpoint!

You’re not going to want to miss this!

The True Path Towards Entrepreneurship and Happiness With Brad Lea

You will not want to miss this!

In a special edition of the Start Today Podcast, Chris sits down with Brad Lea. Brad is an entrepreneur, sales expert, motivational speaker and author with life changing wisdom
Too many people believe the lie that the path to entrepreneurship is complicated.
Chris sits down with Brad discuss the basics of how to succeed at life.
You will not want to miss a minute! Get a pad and pen ready as Chris and Brad dive into how to set your life up for success in every area of your life.

Crushing Adversity by Pursuing Discomfort: With Kris Gethin

You asked for it, we delivered!
After receiving hundreds of messages requesting to bring him on the podcast, in episode 36 Chris sits down with his great friend, author, Ironman, International Fitness Celebrity and CEO of Kaged Muscle, Kris Gethin for an epic conversation!
They discuss where it all started for Kris, his rise to stardom and what Kris does to stay at the top of his fitness, business, personal, mental and spiritual game!
One of the biggest qualities that makes Kris stand out from the pack is his tremendous levels of discipline and continuous journey of pursuing discomfort. In this conversation Kris sheds some light on how these things have helped him conquer significant adversity in his lifetime and achieve success at everything he’s ever set out to do!

Don’t Fall Victim to the Holiday Mentality 

Using the Holiday Season as an excuse to justify complacency is disrespectful to the magic and power this time of year brings.
With December here there’s good vibes brought on by gratitude, love, generosity, friends, family, gift giving and holiday parties.
Unfortunately, hidden in plain sight amongst all of these great things also lies complacency, the killer of all things success.
Complacency over the holiday season is tough to identify because we’re distracted by holiday festivities and most of those around us are deviating off the path or lowering their own standards as well. But with the holiday season spanning over the course of 2 months, it can be crippling to enter a new year having ended the year with a loss.
The holiday season is not an excuse to stop working on achieving our goals. In fact, to really experience the magic of the holiday season, it should be the opposite; an excuse to step it up!
In episode 34, Chris focuses in on how the holidays can breed complacency. He provides some valuable perspective and challenges us to use the holiday season as an opportunity to go harder to put an exclamation point on 2019 and begin the New Year with some steam!

100 Pounds Lost in 15 Weeks: The inspiring story of Nutrition Solutions Chef Allen Eizmendez – Part 2

In part 2 of this powerfully inspiring episode, Chris sits down with Nutrition Solutions employee
Allen Eizmendez, who under Chris’ guidance, went from being a 286 pound, homeless,
unemployed meth addict, to losing 100 pounds and completely transforming his mindset in just
15 weeks time!

Allen continues his story and discusses the practical action steps he took to achieve his
remarkable transformation, including how his diet was set up, the workout program he followed
and how he stay motivated on his incredible journey!

Don’t miss part 2 of this inspiring conversation that proves that ANYTHING is possible when you
set your mind to it!

100 Pounds Lost in 15 Weeks: The inspiring story of Nutrition Solutions Chef Allen Eizmendez

In part 1 of this powerfully inspiring 2 part episode, Chris sits down with Nutrition Solutions
employee Allen Eizmendez, who under Chris’ guidance, went from being a 286 pound,
homeless, unemployed meth addict, to losing 100 pounds and completely transforming his
mindset in just 15 weeks time!
Chris gets Allen to open up about hitting rock bottom, sharing the details of when he hit his
lowest point, the catalyst for him making the decision to change his life and exactly how he was
able to make this extraordinary physical/mental transformation!
One of the best episodes we’ve done to date, this conversation will touch the lives of everyone
who listens in a profound way!

Stop Letting Yourself Off The Hook

Every year we all set new goals.
While most will state their intentions to accomplish more and do better, very few actually follow through by honoring the commitments they’ve made with themselves.
For one reason (excuse) or another society has become all to comfortable not keeping their word as it relates to the follow through of one’s goals, which has resulted in a wide spreading epidemic of mediocrity, frustration, anxiety and depression.
Self respect begins with honoring the commitments we make with ourselves and following through with what we say we’re going to do, regardless of what may stand in our path.
We MUST stop making excuses, stop letting ourselves off the hook when we fall short and stop justifying quitting just because so many people around us do!
We MUST develop the mentality of a wolf and stay clear of the sheep.
Tune in as Chris drills down on the significance of keeping your word, following through with the commitments you make to yourself and recognizing when you’ve fallen off track!

From Fullback to Business Man: With Chris Gronkowski

In Episode 30, Chris sits down with his friend, former NFL player turned entrepreneur Chris Gronkowski.
They discuss Chris G’s journey of growing up around intense competition with 4 brothers who all became pro athletes!
They also jump into how this competition and drive early in life helped prepare him for the rigorous demands of running a successful business, how an opportunity to be on Shark Tank forced his back against the wall and more!

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